Friday, December 15, 2006

CaseCamp SecondLife "Photos"

Hi, I missed the event but Bryan forwarded a link to "photos" from CaseCamp in SecondLife. Here's one of a presentation.

Do they make anyone else laugh? I am fascinated, creeped out and intrigued by the idea of animation replacing reality. Obviously I haven't been hanging out in SL so haven't given much thought to it as a place people really go to, rather than more of a gamescape.

More posting later, today's my last official work day before

Friday, December 01, 2006

Marketing Sherpa Email Benchmarking Report 2007: Summary reveals

I'm always really excited to see a new MarketingSherpa Email Marketing report for confirming and deflating issues. The summary is out and the new report available for purchase.

This year's summary sums up that testing is in and little efforts can produce big returns for opt-in forms and landing pages, that B-B email runs into large corporate spam filters blocking up to 40% of legitimate email, and that mobile marketing just may be heating up at last in the U.S. (and Canada).

Today someone made a quip about the younger generations' preference for IM over email, " we use it for communicating with the old folks." Well hurray for them (us?), because over all email response rates are remaining steady.

Later... need to go buy that report now.