Monday, February 26, 2007

A Night Out in Second Life

I'm going to join some friends and colleagues at a girls' night out in Second Life tonight. I admit that beyond setting up my avatar and account I have not yet ventured in, so really looking forward to it. Eden has posted that there are a few spots left for the first evening of After a Fashion shopping in Second Life. Contact her for a spot and we'll all blog about it after.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ideas for Getting Corporate Approval for Podcasting

During a couple different sessions here at Podcamptoronto got some good ideas and confirmed some old ones for those of us working on podcast plans within a large organization. The last presentation by Michael Seaton, creator of Scotiabank's The Money Clip, and his personal effort The Client Side.

How to get approval:

  • position it not as a podcast but internet radio
  • make it an extension of existing program
  • position it as providing the same information in a different format
  • point out it's ridiculously cheap to start
  • create a sample for your execs to listen to
  • point to The Money Clip and FinancialAidPodcast as great case studies

How to get started:

  • start with an internal employee podcast
  • start with calling it a 'pilot project' internally and a 'limited series' externally (3 seemed to be the very least)
  • obviously if it's your company brand, you want to produce it professionally, but it's still cheap

I'm getting battery warnings... back online later to share more.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

"Friend" spamming ... hmmm

I'm in another session talking about spamming people (my judgement) by scamming the friend IDs.

Podcamptoronto 2007 Part 1

I'm here at podcamptoronto2007, where the sessions are getting streamed live if you're not able to make it. Leeasa started us off and did note that nothing beats meeting people face to face, plus you get hugs.

Fave quote: Google comprehends English and language on a level you can’t comprehend. - Julien Smith

Julien and previous session also said I should be blogging. Urgh. So here I am again, ready to recommit.

More notes coming, need to be listening..

Sunday, February 11, 2007

PodCamp Toronto Feb 24-25

Thanks to Leesa Barnes and other volunteers for organizing PodCamp Toronto in a couple weeks. I'm looking forward to it as a way to boost my reticent blog postings personally, and then of course for tips for work. I'd love to add a podcast format to my newsletter program.

Hope to see you there.

PodCamp Toronto Feb. 24-25 is FREE!