Monday, October 30, 2006

Microsoft wins German spam suit

Hurray! Can't tell you how gleeful I am to have these who clog my inbox with their offensive crap get hit. A German man has been ordered to cease using hotmail as a from account emailing messages promoting his porn site and must pay Microsoft over $300K US in recompense. Reported in DM News and elsewhere. "In addition, the spammer must provide Microsoft with detailed information about his e-mail promotional activities."

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tech enthusiasts still refer to trad media

So reports WOMMA in today's newsletter.

Aging of social media users

Comscore reports on the aging pop of net and social media users. It's not just about the youth!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hold my calls I'm blogging

Haha. PhilTube.

Zune sings viral tune with song sharing credits

This made me go, wow. I wonder how long will take Apple to offer something similar? Adrants reports Microsoft's Zune app will allow users to share songs which then self-destruct within three days. If the friend buys the song the sender gets a Zune credit.Now I'm thinking, how many music accounts am I going to want to manage? Pandora, iTunes, Zune...?

Thursday, October 19, 2006

DMA2006 and CMA Digital Marketing Conference Provide Lots of fodder for the blogger

Couldn't help the pun. Apparently Canadians are especially punny I found out this evening at the CMA Digital Marketing Conference from Monique Trottier (

On both coasts people are talking about social media. The DMA talked up the fact DM is taking over (my interpretation), or rather direct marketing and branding lines are blurring as more campaigns become direct and targetted and direct strays into branding territory. Search and social media have really accellerated this fusion as each is targetting individual consumers (consumers as either B-C or B-B). One of the most interesting stats from DMA06 I was sharing here is that only 6% of email marketers are using RSS, representing an opportunity.

I have lots of notes. And since David Weinberger said bloggers have to have speed and not great writing, well I am inspired to both speech up writing and counter some with thinking and posted long after the inspiring event. More to come..