Saturday, February 23, 2008

From podcamptoronto2008

I was watching the stream from home and decided not as much fun as being there, so beetled over to Toronto. Here are miscellaneous tips picking up from sessions and chatting with people here.

Best tip in the "doh, why didn't I think of that? category": from Malle at Harlequin for those of you looking at producing company podcasts, she produces their editor and writer podcasts -- and edits herself out! So she will lead the discussion, get everyone comfortable, outline direction, and ask questions, etc, then in editing will take herself out. You get the conversational tone without the awkwardness of question phrasing or repeats to get at some meat.

I don't have a great recording voice and if I get into territory that's too technical will lose authority, but I do know how to get subjects talking more and what questions to ask. Brilliant idea and so simple...

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