Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Meshup catchup

some recent found stuff, etc, so I will embrace 140-style and contribute cause apparently not everyone sees what I see online and might actually find one of the following of interest:

In case you haven't been online today, 'subservient chicken' is 5 years old. Dance, chicken, dance. Liked reading the blog post unrolling the story.

Caught a link that's even more interesting re Barbarian, who are on assignment at GE. Looks like nerdy goodness, will watch with interest.

It's got to be good if it combines technology and cooking. Bakers Tweet let's bakers alert Twitter followers when their latest fresh batch comes out of the oven.

haha links, esp when you start finding wading through crap tweets for good annoying:

Got to find a way to get the CAT conference.

Elsewhere in space: Hubble Provides New Evidence for Dark Matter Around Small Galaxies


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