Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Personality and Media Consumption

From today's Ad Age: How Personality Can Predict Media Usage, looks at media channels and consumer types. I was happily going along with this, but then thinking about and applying to myself, seems as an introvert I should not consume as much radio as I do, nor newspapers or magazines. Oh. And my lack of planning is why I watch too much TV (and I thought it was procrastinating putting my plans in action).

In the comments section Marketing Prof Michal Ann Strahilevitz argues it's really the media vehicle (the content) you should be looking at, saying "Do the readers of National Geographic Magazine have similar personalities to those who read the National Inquirer? (They do both start with the word "national"). Do the loyal viewers of the McNeal Lehrer report (PBS, so not so relevant for advertising, but likely part of this study) tend to have the same psychographic profile as those who absolutely never miss All of my Children?..."

Seems to make sense that if you want to reach a specific target to be channel agnostic and vehicle specific, but if planning a mass media campaign, would this research still help you decide which channels to use based on your target's personality? Check the comments and see if anyone else has weighed in... Oh, yay, it's getting more complicated already with question on impact of propensity to purchase...

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